Dear friends,

Welcome to our showrooms! When you come here, you will discover the latest trends in fur fashion and new techniques of fur elaboration. You will see our latest collection for yourself. For our regular customers, we organize special fashion shows when you can meet leading Russian specialists for professional advice. We create a product according to your wishes, developed especially for you and produced in a single sample.

Ludmila Kachur

A new client visits us and tell us about her dream.

The client, the manager and the designer, together discuss details of the project.

We show the client samples of fur and help her to choose the required materials.

In the company showroom, the client chooses the fur for her future fur coat.

The project designer goes to work:

she produces patterns and a model of the product.

The furrier lays out the fur and cuts it out.

The skill of our tailors in putting the product together and shaping the details completes the masterpiece.

The General Director Tatyana Stanislavovna Tushkevich.

Our client tries on her recent dream.