...It all began with a love of beauty. Ludmila Kachur, trained as a musician, used to produce musicals on the stage for children and beautiful costumes had to be ready to hand. To create them, one had to make them oneself. So from scraps of material, the costumes of fairy princes and princesses were born.

Ludmila became more and more interested in designing. There were the interesting details for a new dress, the cut of a blouse for a special occasion or a friend's fur coat redesigned from her mother's old fur coat.
Step by step, a passion became a serious creative job. About eight years ago, her knowledge increased on coming into contact with furriers and experienced specialists in the fur trade. In her new undertaking, friends and acquaintances became her first clients.

...Her work with fur led her to found a company. The company went through several phases of development but decided to specialize in the production of exclusive creations from fur. Regular customers eagerly wait for new designs and, on visiting our showrooms, continue to be surprised by the innovative fur coats and furry accessories for spring and summer wardrobes.

For several years now, the company has received recognition in its field. V&L participates regularly in shows and exhibitions such as "The Consumer's Exhibition", "Fur and its Elaboration", "Furs of Russia", and "Le Show" among many others. In 1999, V&L received the Grand Prix in the class "Soft Gold" and was awarded the "Silver Tunic" at "A Week of Russian Fashion.

...The work of Ludmila Kachur has received acclaim in the field of fur design as witnessed by many professional awards. She received the diploma "For Original Work with Fur" (1996) and the diploma "The Best Fur Collection", awarded to the winner of The Fifth Week of Russian Fashion and presented by Mrs N.B. Vinogradova, the president of "A Week of Russian Fashion".

She also received a diploma for "For a Participant in the All-Russian Competition of Designers and Furriers" (1999). The creative unity of our company V&L is the guarantee for our success.