Vladimir and Ludmila offers a variety of services:
- the production of outerwear for men, women and children
- hats produced using the new net technique
- skirts, tops and boas of various designs
- pelerines on chiffon, capes, gorgets and collars

- Scarves, hoods, headscarves, muffs
- bedspreads
- charming toys and souvenirs from real fur.

In its production V&L works with various furs:
- sable, fisher, chinchilla, mink, arctic fox
- sheepskin and astrakhan
- various colours of fox
- opossum, fitch
- mole, rabbit, beaver.

V&L also offers:

- restoration
- remodelling, either partial or complete
- fur cleaning
- reshaping and pattern design
- storage of fur goods in specially designed refrigerated storage rooms.

In the creation of new products, V&L designers work with various combinations of fur, with leather,
fur with fabric, embroidery and applique,

using the most modern technological methods.