Vladimir and Ludmila were instrumental in setting up, with the participation of outstanding actors and actresses of Russian cinema and theatre, a cycle of creative evenings under the title "The Great and Unique"

Vladimir and Ludmila organizes its own fashion shows and takes part in the shows of other fur designers.

Tamara Syomina on the catwalk at "Burda Modern".

These are mostly held in top clubs and business centres such as: the family club "Monoleet", club "T", VIP club "National", "CNT", the hotel "Radisson-Slavanskaya", "Burda Modern" and others. V&L sponsors evenings in honour of well-known personalities of the theatre, cinema and art.

Warm friendship binds us with people who devote their whole life to the service of the arts. Like no one else, they understand the subtleties and complexities in the creation of a work of art. They have a great appreciation of our craftsmanship.

Angelina Vovk presents the new collection of the designer Ludmila Kachur in the family club "Monoleet".

These people are the great unique actors and actresses loved by us all: Lydia Smirnova, Inna Makarova, Vera Vassilieva,

Lydia Smirnova and Ludmila Kachur on evening under the title "The Great and Unique".

Michael Gluzky, Vladimir Zeldin, Clara Luchko, Svetlana Nemolayeva, Natalia Gvozdikova, Yevgeny Zharikov, Lydia Fedoseyeva-Schukshina and Natalia Belokvorstichova,
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Vera Vassilieva
showing V&L clothes.

Viktor Merezhko
and many others. For more than three years, Vladimir and Ludmila has been on a committee of Russian business circles ("Kumir") which awards prizes.
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Viktor Merezhko showing V&L clothes.

Our company has created its own special annual prize "Talented Young Actress of the Year" in the form of exclusive fur garments.

On the 25th anniversary of the film "The Star of Enchanting Happiness" (Producer V. Motyl), Polish actress, E. Shikulska, who played the leading role, together with presenter S. Novozhelovim and the General Director of V&L T. Tushkevich.

The winner of the prize is invited to all our shows and occasions and twice a year is awarded extra gifts. The first winner this year, Anna Bolshova, is a rising star from the Lenkom Theatre.

Vladimir and Ludmila often organizes "chamber" shows of its own collections inside its own showrooms and salon-shop on Sadovaya-Chernogryazkaya.

Presentation of a gift to Russian National Actress Nadezhda Rumyanceva at the evening "The Great and the Unique" held in honour of well-loved actors and actresses of theatre and cinema.

Our guests themselves take part in modelling our clothes and at the same time discover new trends and the latest techniques in fur fashion. Our company selects the best customer of the year and presents him or her with a memorable gift. V&L has a secure position among Russian companies producing fur goods.

In the setting of the ball organized by the fur company V&L, Clara Luchko is the winner of the lottery set up in aid of The Fund for Developing National Arts.

V&L maintains business contacts with partners from Italy and Great Britain. Each year, we exchange experiences and ideas at the Frankfurt and Milan exhibitions and learn about the new trends in fur fashion.